More on awareness, mindfulness and understanding

Awareness is a tool for understanding and connecting with the whole of ourselves.We are often caught up in thoughs or  carried aay by  feelings As we identify with our thoughts and feelings we loose sigh of the underlying reality.  We take ourselves at face value and ignore the substance within. We become fragmented and disconnected  from our inner truth.

Mindfulness is a tool for coming to  awareness. It is a way  for learning to be at peace and accepting our seves as we afe. , celebrating our strengths, being kind to our weaknesses. Seeing the whole picture  coming to  understanding.

Unnderstanding opens a doorway to possibility of chnge., a potential for seeing ourselves in a different light, for becoming more self accepting and comfortable with ourselves. We discover our inner resources and begin to look at life differently. We come int a new way of relating to who we are and to situations in life.  We come toperceive new qualities in ourselves, our work our families, our friends . There is a gathering of the scattered parts of ourselves and a new wholeness scomes into view offering us a new vitality for sustaining our work, our elationships and our creativity. 


About patriciachalmers

Awakening awareness, nurturing mindfulness, creating understanding, enhancing well being I am a holistic educator offering Tai Chi and workshops on the elements earth, air, fire and water.
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