How I work

TO be updated

Currently, I  offer

a. Workshops on human and psychospiritual development that explore the field of embodied mental, emotional and spiritual experience and it’s impact on our patterns of behavior and wellbeing. The intention of the workshops is to move towards an integration of soul and personality with enhanced wellbeing.  On this life journey we are invited to use our adverse thoughts and emotions as a base for  alchemical transformation.

I am also available for a workshop that you may wish to arrange in your own location.  

b. Individual private sessions. The initial consultation is more of an information gathering session. Time will be made for you to talk about what brings you to therapy, what you are seeking and what you hope to happen for yourself. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions about my background and the work.   If you choose to continue we will arrange to meet for  60 or 90 minute sessions. I work on a long term or short term basis, for an open-ended or agreed period of time. 

The fee is €60.00 per hour .