Relating to Core Process Psychotherapy

I felt very comfortable with Patricia I would describe her as impartial, gentle and balanced. I was able to truly heal and “move on” from a very hurtful and damaging situation by talking it through. It was a time of growing in self-awareness and sef-empowerment, releasing negative behaviour patterns rooted in past situations. My sessions with Patricia were a catalyst for me to make some very brave and positive  changes in my life. I would have no hestation in recommending Patricia to anyone looking for a therapist.

After having a few sessions with Patricia I found myself getting on better with my wife and children.

I  went to Patricia because of anxiety at work.  I found Patricia very open and understanding. I felt she listened to what I had to say.  With her help, I became more aware of how I think and how my thoughts affect me. I realised I was taking on other’s people’s responsibility and I learnt to take responsibility for  my own work and leave aside that of others.I would recommend Patricia if you are feeling anxious.

It was important for me to find a therapist with some understanding of the spiritual side of life and alternative healing. I found Patricia was well able to engage with me in these areas. She maintained the sessions constructive, focussed on me and my issues.  She also used stones and colours to help me understand and express myself.